[Olsr-dev] OLSRd SegFault

Gabriel (spam-protected)
Wed Apr 20 21:29:33 CEST 2016

Hi, apparently this is the the segmentation fault's day.

On the same router of the previous email (Edgerouter MIPS) I was trying
to update olsrd to use the netjson plugin.

I fetched the latest version from github and compiled it, but when i try
to run it (without loading netjson plugin) it dies with a Segmentation

The olsrd version is pre-0.9.1-git_564e1b1

and this is the last lines it prints:

IP addr (2-hop)  IP addr (1-hop)  Total cost
Adding> to link set
Received signal Segmentation fault - shutting down
Deleting all routes...
RIB: del prefix from
Closing sockets...
Closing plugins...
Restoring network state
Free all memory...

The olsrd version from apt (0.6.2) is working fine.

Any hints? is this version (0.9.1) backward compatible ?

Thanks, Gabriel

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