[Olsr-dev] OSLRd2 segmentation fault

Gabriel (spam-protected)
Wed Apr 20 19:31:06 CEST 2016

Hi, I'm trying to deploy olsr2 in Ninux Firenze's network.

I followed the instructions on the wiki [1] to use only IPv6.
This is my configuration on both nodes, except for the interfaces name:

      originator    -
      originator    -::1/128
      originator    default_accept

        stderr false
	file /var/log/olsrd2.log
        debug all
      bindto        -
      bindto        -::1/128
      bindto        default_accept


When i start the first daemon everything works fine, but when i start
the 2nd one and they begin communicating they both die with
"Segmentation Fault".

Any ideas of what's going on? If i start the daemon without
configuration (olsrd2 eth0.3 eth0.2 lo) it works properly

Thanks, Gabriel


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