[Olsr-dev] some thinking about the constant metric

work_xl (spam-protected)
Tue Sep 29 17:43:14 CEST 2015

I am now reading the constant metric plugin code and have got a question about the way to use it.A constant metric is bound to a link which is indexed with a neighbour address and an interface name.The doc said the  we can use 'any' to  as a wildcard(I didn't check it carefully in the source code),but it seems that the neighbor address must not be 'any'. 
Here is my thought, in many adhoc networks,we don't know the neighbors' addresses before we "neighbor" them . The olsrd2 would be easier to use if we could just use 'any' to map all the neighbors which is linked through one interface.In heterogeneous adhoc networks, a router often links different radios through different interfaces.So interfaces have their own metrics instead of globe metric is understandable.Is there any reason we don't use 'any' neighbor address?Or Do I misunderstand the source code ?
BTW, as a rookie,I have spent a few days in the oonf and learned a lot from it .Thanks for your great job.
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