[Olsr-dev] Creating OLSRD deb package for MIPS64

Germano Massullo (spam-protected)
Thu Nov 26 14:49:14 CET 2015

Hi, I am trying to create an OLSRD deb package for MIPS64 architecture. I
just downloaded inside my Ubiquiti EdgeRouter the packages
from http://build.ffgraz.net/deb/dists/jessie/main/source/net/

and I runned
# dpkg-source -x olsrd_0.9.0.3-1ffgraz1.dsc
but I got the following messages

vbash-4.1# dpkg-source -x olsrd_0.9.0.3-1ffgraz1.dsc
dpkg-source: warning: extracting unsigned source package
dpkg-source: info: extracting olsrd in olsrd-
dpkg-source: info: unpacking olsrd_0.9.0.3.orig.tar.gz
tar: unrecognized option '--anchored'
BusyBox v1.19.0 (2014-10-09 14:06:57 PDT) multi-call binary.

Usage: tar -[cxtzjhmvO] [-X FILE] [-T FILE] [-f TARFILE] [-C DIR] [FILE]...

Create, extract, or list files from a tar file

        c       Create
        x       Extract
        t       List
        f       Name of TARFILE ('-' for stdin/out)
        C       Change to DIR before operation
        v       Verbose
        z       (De)compress using gzip
        j       (De)compress using bzip2
        O       Extract to stdout
        h       Follow symlinks
        m       Don't restore mtime
        exclude File to exclude
        X       File with names to exclude
        T       File with names to include

dpkg-source: error: tar --no-same-owner --no-same-permissions --anchored
--no-wildcards-match-slash --exclude */.pc --exclude .pc -xf - gave error
exit status 1

Do you have any idea about what happened?
Have a nice day
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