[Olsr-dev] PlParam "IP.ADDR" "another-name.mesh"

Conrad Lara (spam-protected)
Mon Jan 5 22:55:24 CET 2015

To me on quick glance appears to be an intentional function of init_olsr_plugin() in plugin_loader.c

It checks if the entry->plugin_paramaters[i].name[0] value is == 0 and then specifically passes the key name (in this case an IP address) as an ADDON value to the registers function.  

It's appears to act as way to register a catch all function. Internally the key name isn't zero it actually is the IP address for the key name

This method in nameservice.c was changed when went to the "new plugin interface" around 2005 before then it was an "if key is else if key is else if key is else assume it's an IP address hostname pairs.

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> On Jan 5, 2015, at 12:51 PM, Henning Rogge <(spam-protected)> wrote:
>> On Mon, Jan 5, 2015 at 8:30 PM, Joe Ayers <(spam-protected)> wrote:
>> True to the DNA of Ham Radio, we've been known to use metal rain gutters and
>> coat hangers for antennas.   If it's effective and works until something
>> better is available  ... :) .
> I am surprised it works at all... the "zero length key" is most likely
> some unintended behavior of the configuration parser of olsrd1.
> But I have to admit that I am not surprised that something like this
> exists in olsrd1... *G*
> Henning Rogge
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