[Olsr-dev] http-info down since some days (luci) solved

Ufo (spam-protected)
Mon Jun 23 20:17:25 CEST 2014

Am 23.06.14 18:13, schrieb Jo-Philipp Wich:

> "neigh.sh" uses txtinfo while LuCI uses jsoninfo.

no, since some time jsoninfo is used for that too.
but i found the problem :-) in

The if-construct isnt very nice now and failing with our config :-(
As a workaround i added that IpVersion to our /etc/config/olsrd

Maybe someone could change that in code please? or is that value really
mandatory now :-/

	local IpVersion = uci:get_first("olsrd", "olsrd","IpVersion")
	if IpVersion == "4" or IpVersion == "6and4" then
		jsonreq4 = utl.exec("echo /status | nc 9090")
	if IpVersion == "6" or IpVersion == "6and4" then
		jsonreq6 = utl.exec("echo /status | nc ::1 9090")

greetings, ufo

Freifunk Leipzig http://leipzig.freifunk.net

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