[Olsr-dev] Missing routes and unexpected routes reg.

Vigneswaran R (spam-protected)
Fri Jun 6 09:11:24 CEST 2014


I am running olsrd2 on four (qemu) virtual machines connected linearly.

     R1 <---> R2 <---> R3 <---> R4

What I observed is,

1. R1 is not getting the route for R4 (however, R4 establishes route to R1).
   -- If I add one more machine R5 (to R4), R1 and R2 are not getting 
route for R5. However, R5 is getting route for both.
   -- So, it seems, only the last three routers are having routes to all 
the other routers.

2. On R2, I am getting a routing entry similar to the following which is 
inappropriate, because the target IP is its own IP.

     $R2_IP2 via $R3_IP1 dev eth1 proto 100 src $R2_IP1 metric 2 onlink

Similar routing entries are there in R3, R4 also. I am using latest 
OLSRd2 (olsrd2 commit 85492, oonf_api commit 2bdf9).

Could you please help in debugging these problems? Thanks.


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