[Olsr-dev] Local attached network info not getting populated

Vigneswaran R (spam-protected)
Mon Jul 21 14:25:36 CEST 2014


In a simple (two nodes) olsrv2 topology, I am advertising gateway for from one node. However, the corresponding route is not getting 
reflected in the neighbor.

This problem was not there with v0.5.0 commit. So, I did a git bisect 
and found that the following commit introduced the problem. Could you 
please help in resolving it?

dda9ae431332fd51726cd373eb1f9664370e062d is the first bad commit
commit dda9ae431332fd51726cd373eb1f9664370e062d
Author: Henning Rogge <(spam-protected)>
Date:   Wed Jul 2 08:13:20 2014 +0200

     Small fixes for OLSRv2 parsing/generation


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