[Olsr-dev] olsrv2: observed routing loop when link goes down

Henning Rogge (spam-protected)
Tue Jul 15 13:23:19 CEST 2014

On Tue, Jul 15, 2014 at 11:46 AM, Vigneswaran R <(spam-protected)> wrote:
> On 07/14/2014 06:39 PM, Henning Rogge wrote:
>> I just pushed several small fixes for NHDP and OLSRv2... you might
>> want to check them.
> Yes, it solved the problem :-). Thank you.

After quite a bit of testing and some patches the problem was resolved...

thank you to Vigneswaran for the feedback and testing.

The problem was happening when an interface was going down. This
removed all existing links of this interface directly, which in turn
prevented the node from announcing them as "lost" is the next
Hellos... which made the neighbors NOT throwing their 2-hop database
entries away.

Henning Rogge

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