[Olsr-dev] Patches for OpenBSD

Dahlberg, David (spam-protected)
Wed Aug 20 09:24:53 CEST 2014

Am Dienstag, den 19.08.2014, 15:19 +0200 schrieb Ferry Huberts:

> > Not sure we have any OpenBSD users on this list anyways.
> so why merge it then?

Always remember, that that this is just about some minor fixes 
to the install target, not to the olsrd code itself. So the 
risk is relatively small.

But here are the reasons, why you should care anyways:

a) Maybe I am the only one, who cares about OpenBSD right 
   now, but there is at least an olsrd port/package in -current,
   maintained by Martin Reindl (martin at openbsd.org).

b) The ports version is ancient (0.6.0), even a bit older 
   than the one in Debian Stable. So I am pretty sure, you 
   do not want to support that version any more.
   If it's working from git, you may tell users just to 
   "git checkout; gmake; gmake install"

c) Current HEAD has indeed an OpenBSD install target, but 
   it installs to the wrong directories. 

d) The "uninstall" patch should probably apply to all other
   POSIX OSes with a non-GNU user land (esp. FreeBSD, OSX, 
   don't know about "Windows(R) Services(TM) for UNIX(TM)(C)").
   Probably it is just that needed to "make uninstall" or 
   nobody cared to report the bug there until now.


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