[Olsr-dev] [announce] olsrd released

Ferry Huberts (spam-protected)
Thu May 16 19:17:24 CEST 2013

Hello olsrd users/developers,

Henning has just released olsrd, see http://www.olsr.org/?q=download

It contains an important buffer overflow fix for the txtinfo plugin and
all users are strongly advised to upgrade.

A heads-up:
The release-0.6.5 branch will become obsolete once we release 0.6.6,
which is in its stabilisation phase right now.
The branch will be kept around for a limited time after the 0.6.6 release.

> -------------------------------------------------------------------
> Ferry Huberts (11):
>       Remove mercurial ignore file; we use git
>       build: ignore builddata.c when hashing sources
>       release: fix the list of generated files
>       release: update some comments
>       release: refactor the checkVersionIncrementing function
>       release: do not update the version on master when it's already higher
>       release: only report that master changed when it was actually changed
>       release: checkVersionIncrementing: optionally allow equal versions
>       release: also check against the Makefile version when branching
>       txtinfo: prevent buffer overflow
>       pud: nmealib: _nmea_parse_time not parsing hsec when given "hhmmss" format
> Henning Rogge (2):
>       Update version after release of v0.6.5.3
>       Release v0.6.5.4

Ferry Huberts

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