[Olsr-dev] [Commotion-dev] Can't talk between desktop OLSRd and Commotion OpenWRT boxes

Mikael Nordfeldth (spam-protected)
Fri Mar 15 00:53:26 CET 2013

2013-03-14 22:05 skrev Hans-Christoph Steiner:
> I don't think there are any errors during compilation but during 
> runtime.  It
> seems that with a 0.6.1 through 0.6.5, using -O2 in the build stopping 
> olsrd
> from working on his machine.
> [...]
> The key error seems to be this, which seems to show up when -O2 is 
> used, but
> does not show up when -O2 is removed:
> sendto(v4): Invalid argument

Yes, this is a correct description of the problem. It wasn't a problem 
with successfully compiling or not, but _using_. Only when using -O2 
(though I haven't tried other optimization levels yet) do I get the 
sendto(v4) invalid argument error. Despite, it seems, interface 
address/netmask configuration.

(I was sure I had sent of a reply to this earlier, but I guess I failed 
to actually press send as I was in a rush earlier today, so thanks HC 
for clearing it up)

> Lots more detail here, Mikael has been providing a lot of useful data:
> https://lists.chambana.net/pipermail/commotion-dev/2013-March/001175.html

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