[Olsr-dev] Heads up, wireless battlemesh v6 upcoming, mark the date

L. Aaron Kaplan (spam-protected)
Fri Feb 8 11:46:19 CET 2013

Hello dear OLSR users and developers,

The Wireless Battle of the Mesh[1] is an event that aims to bring together
people from across the globe to test the performance of different routing
protocols for ad-hoc networks, like Babel, B.A.T.M.A.N., BMX, OLSR, and
802.11s. Of course, new protocols (working on OpenWRT[2]) are always welcome!

This year the even will take place from Monday 15th till Sunday 21st of April
at the University of Aalborg, Denmark.

The event originally went back to an intensive discussion between some BATMAN 
folks and me (on the OLSR side) about which routing protocol approach was 
truly the better choice specifically for community wireless networks.

According to my memory, in response to this mail exchange, Xavier and a few 
others from the openwrt team initiated the first wireless battle mesh: a week of 
testing protocols against each other at TMPLab in Paris.

Of course, we never came to a decisive conclusion, but it turned out to 
be really fun anyway :) The discussions were super helpful in order to enhance
all participating protocols.
But that was then, things evolved since then.

In the last years, the WBM events have been growing steadily into a successful
hackathon for community wireless networks across the world. 

If you decide to participate, you will a) meet OLSR developers b) be able to 
discuss and test your meshing ideas with like-minded people c) have lots of 
fun on the way. And it is a hell of a learning experience.

And new community wireless networks get created on the way. For example, ~ two 
years ago, Arig [3] started to appeared after Amir visited the WBM in Catalunya.

OLSR.org will support the event by:

	• help to promote the event
	• bring members of the community to the event
	• give talks about advancement of our community in certain aspects
	• provide hardware for the routing protocol testing

May your packets never get lost, may your TTL be high enough to reach Aalborg,
(for the OLSR.org team)

[1] http://battlemesh.org/
[2] http://openwrt.org/
[3] http://arig.org.il/

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