[Olsr-dev] coordinating test infrastructure

Hans of Guardian (spam-protected)
Sun Apr 28 21:49:04 CEST 2013

I'm just heading back to NYC after a long weekend in Washington DC working with the OTI Commotion crew.  One big piece of news I learned on my trip there is about the testing infrastructure that they have been working on.  Additionally Ben West as been working on VM-based tests.  I watched Ferry and Henning's Battlemesh talks and saw Ferry's Jenkins setup.

I can start with a piece of bad news: the Jenkins test builds that I had setup for olsrd have vanished with that whole server, due to the collapse of the organization that was maintaining it.

There seems to be lots of people working on test infrastructure, so I think its a good time to discuss who is doing what and how we can coordinate. I'll start with the various efforts I've heard something about:

* Ferry's Jenkins
* Ben West's VMs and python tests
* battlemesh shell scripts
* OTI lua scripts
* OTI+LTS system for wifi/mesh performance in changing physical space
* CONFINE setup? (I've only vaguely heard of this)

One very nice potential test bed for Android adhoc issues is some commercial services that host actual Android devices in a Jenkins-accessible network setup.  Commotion is exploring whether there is any funds to allocate to that.

What else is out there, and how can we coordinate and collaborate?


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