[Olsr-dev] OBAMP

Saverio Proto (spam-protected)
Thu Apr 25 23:07:47 CEST 2013

by the way I tried to compile the code but the old master branch was
too much different.

the real problem is not that we discontinued that plugin, but that the
plugin was implemented on a discontinued branch

you have to rewrite the logging system and all the calls to the OLSR timers


2013/4/25 Steve Witt <(spam-protected)>:
> On Thu, 25 Apr 2013, Ferry Huberts wrote:
>> Ah, I see.
>> That was on the old master branch.
>> That branch was used for development for a while but became stale and
>> was basically dead for a long while.
>> We changed the branching model in August 2012 and merged the old stable
>> branch into master, thereby overwriting the dead master branch.
>> So that's where it went :-)
>> Also, this code was from Saverio, and from what I understood from him in
>> Denmark last week during BattleMesh he also considers that code dead.
>> But if you're interested you can always resurrect the code.
>> Just checkout master-stable-switch^ and put the code into the current
>> master, clean it up, and appoint yourself as maintainer of that code :-)
> Ah, I saw the comment about merging old stable into master, but I guess I
> didn't fully understand the effect of that on the existing master. Thanks
> very much for the response.
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