[Olsr-dev] mDns plugin improvement

Teco Boot (spam-protected)
Wed May 30 19:25:38 CEST 2012

mDNS packets SHOULD have TTL 255.

> 11.  Source Address Check
>    All Multicast DNS responses (including responses sent via unicast)
>    SHOULD be sent with IP TTL set to 255. This is recommended to provide
>    backwards-compatibility with older Multicast DNS Queriers
>    (implementing draft-cheshire-dnsext-multicastdns-04.txt, published
>    February 2004) that check the IP TTL on reception to determine
>    whether the packet originated on the local link. These older Queriers
>    discard all packets with TTLs other than 255.

Why not the more standard method using a hash table, like bmf? Costs more 
CPU / memory, but it is much safer. p2pd has / had this. We didn't push 
this version I think, because there was an issue with latest modifications. 
nyway, we should get rid of 2 out of 3 plugins.

If you want to keep it this way, you could make a config parameter, and
make this behavior non-default. Or better: use the hashing code out of bmf.


Op 30 mei 2012, om 18:56 heeft Alessandro Gnagni het volgende geschreven:

> https://github.com/zioproto/olsrd-gsoc2012/commit/5e26a83646023c4fd4b09bb05e81a35ee8d60311
> i modified the mDns plugin to avoid packet loop, anyone can give me some
> feedback? Thx
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