[Olsr-dev] JSON info dump complete

Hans-Christoph Steiner (spam-protected)
Thu May 10 05:09:54 CEST 2012

Ok, I just finished tracking down all of the information that I thought
might be at all useful.  Mostly, I dug thru the txtinfo and httpinfo
plugins.  I pushed my changes, so they're in olsrd.git now.

Attached is an example dump from the current jsoninfo plugin from a mesh
of four nodes, which I made by running this:

curl http://localhost:9090/status/config/plugins/ > all.json

* /status gives all of the data of things that change during runtime
* /config is the complete olsrd_config struct output as JSON
* /plugins is the complete plugins info from olsrd_config

I would love feedback on all of this.  I tried to use descriptive names
for all of the JSON keys, please make sure I got them right.  Do the
data types and structures make sense? etc.

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