[Olsr-dev] Ninux GSoC 2012, ideas on olsrd

ZioPRoTo (Saverio Proto) (spam-protected)
Mon Mar 19 12:48:52 CET 2012


Ninux was accepted for GSoC 2012 and I will be mentoring at least one
project on olsrd. We use it a lot, so the idea is to develop what is
missing for the Ninux network. Of course I am here because we want to
discuss our ideas with olsrd developers.

here the list of stuff that we need. This things can be put in a
single project or we can split, depending on how many students we have
and their skills. Just we have to keep the Google rule: 1 student, 1
indipendent project.

1) fix mDNS plugin
we explain this point in detail here:

2) Plugin to use manually specified metric (as in OSPF) because we
ended up that any automatic metric does not work in WiFi and we are
just messing around with LinkQualityMult all the time.
So, manual metric for links !

3) Permit by configuration to filter out some HNA advertised routes,
so that these ones are not installed in the kernel routing table.

4) Review the quagga plugin and put it on a production router to see
if really work, or eventually write code to patch the problems.

for points 2) and 3) I would like to have advice for olsrd dev-team if
these stuff should be implemented as a plugin or not

we are going to develop starting from stable git branch, because looks
like the two branches master and stable are very different now.

Thanks for feedback. We can also discuss this stuff in Athens for who
is there next week :)


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