[Olsr-dev] [olsrd] [PATCH v1 00/29] Assorted gateway fixes

Ferry Huberts (spam-protected)
Tue Jul 24 18:08:49 CEST 2012

From: Ferry Huberts <(spam-protected)>

Most of the patches are rather trivial.
I'm still asking for a review :-)

Ferry Huberts (29):
  gateway: reorder functions
  gateway: initialise variables in the declaration order
  gateway: shift up the #ifdef linux
  gateway: make olsr_gw_default_lookup_gateway function static
  gateway: remove an unused include
  gateway: use the same 'ifdef linux' and the header and source file
  gateway: split variable declarations
  gateway: fixup includes
  gateway: add some comments
  gateway: add some comments
  gateway: minor simplification
  gateway: let init and cleanup functions take the name as parameter
  gateway: make refresh_smartgw_netmask static
  gateway: make olsr_trigger_inetgw_selection
  gateway: make olsr_find_gateway_entry static
  gateway: add some comments
  gateway: reorder functions
  gateway: remove some unused code in refresh_smartgw_netmask
  gateway: simplify deserialize_gw_speed
  gateway: simplify and inline olsr_find_gateway_entry
  gateway: introduce OLSR_IP_ADDR_2_HNA_PTR helper
  gateway: add and update lots of comments
  gateway: initialise all variables in olsr_init_gateways
  gateway: add some asserts on gw_handler
  gateway: minor simplification to olsr_trigger_gatewayloss_check
  gateway: remove an unused variable in olsr_update_gateway_entry
  gateway: minor simplification to olsr_delete_gateway_entry
  gateway: minor simplification to olsr_set_inet_gateway
  gateway: reset bandwidth to zero when no link speed is advertised

 src/bsd/dummy.c               |    4 +-
 src/gateway.c                 |  537 ++++++++++++++++++++++-------------------
 src/gateway.h                 |   50 ++--
 src/gateway_default_handler.c |  188 +++++++++------
 src/gateway_default_handler.h |    6 +-
 src/kernel_tunnel.h           |    4 +-
 src/linux/kernel_tunnel.c     |   15 +-
 src/win32/dummy.c             |    4 +-
 8 files changed, 449 insertions(+), 359 deletions(-)


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