[Olsr-dev] gateway code

Teco Boot (spam-protected)
Tue Jul 24 13:49:56 CEST 2012

Op 24 jul. 2012, om 13:22 heeft Henning Rogge het volgende geschreven:

> On 07/24/2012 01:15 PM, Teco Boot wrote:
>>> Has been some time since I even looked into this code... the code
>>> you removed were responsible for detecting a tunnel going down and
>>> up again (because I thought it is necessary to set the route into
>>> the tunnel again).
>>> Its not really common, but could be potential annoying.
>>> Can you test if what happens to the smart-gw if you take a tunnel
>>> down and up again from the shell?
>> Manual interference with unmanaged tunnels is a request for trouble.
>> If there is a side effect on tunnel_down (e.g. removed routes), that
>> is how it is designed. Let's have a clean smart-gw.
> At the moment there would be no way to restore the route for the tunnel. That is why the mechanism was inside.

Manual ifconfig xxx down ; ifconfig xxx up needs manual ip route add xxxx
If tunnel can go down caused by unknown reason, and goes up by magic, then we may needs such.
Better not depend on magic, and if so, lets task this magic with the complete job :-)
(I could miss something here)

> Similar for mesh interfaces, if they go up again, OLSRd must restore the routes.
If iface goes down, all neighbor state should be cleaned up.
After it goes up again, adjacency will follow and routes will be restored. 
OK, this takes time. But why is there a need to speed up, with probably wrong state?


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