[Olsr-dev] Debian patches

Henning Rogge (spam-protected)
Tue Jul 24 13:20:01 CEST 2012

I had a look at the patches of debian and I think we can get rid of most 
of them.



I am not sure why this patch exists in Debian. If you start OLSRd for 
debian in background, you will use the init script which could easily 
add a "-d 0" to the starting parameters.

If someone starts Olsrd by hand, not forking into background is a good 


The first tricky patch, but a very reasonable problem. I think we should 
add an optional make variable called "TARBALL_RELEASE" or something like 
this that blocks the rebuilding of the src/buildfile.c file.


Since we allow to overwrite the LIBDIR by using parameters for make, 
debian should do so in "rules" so we can drop the patch.


I don't know much about Quagga, but if this is a problem we should 
commit that patch into stable.


This patch is already upstream, so it can be dropped from later Debian 
releases. If we start collecting fixes for 0.6.2 (which seems to be the 
release for Wheezy), this could be included in a future bugfix tarball 
(so it can be dropped from debian).


I think we should commit that patch into stable.


This one is more tricky. The first part (the one for Makefile.inc) could 
be replaced by a make parameter (that overwrites CFGFILE).

The other ones... I am not sure, putting the absolute paths of a 
configuration file (that will be somewhere else on different 
distributions like OpenWRT or OLSRd) is not really a great idea anyways.

What do you think?

Henning Rogge

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