[Olsr-dev] NL80211 link quality patch and GIT repository

Henning Rogge (spam-protected)
Thu Jul 12 14:18:04 CEST 2012

On 07/12/2012 11:42 AM, Kees-Jan Hermans wrote:
> Henning Rogge,
> I've looked (and did some Googling on the matter) - I understand that
> your vision of gathering L2 availability values between peers using
> Cisco DLEP inside a seperate executable ?

Yes and no.

I am involved in the discussion how to push the DLEP draft in the 
IETF-Manet group forward. As you might have read on the WG list, I am 
not completely happy with the current draft.

My idea how to use DLEP for OLSR is this.

1) The OLSRd2 should have this "layer 2 database" I linked in my last post.
2) Every link metric (or plugin that want to export the information) 
access this database instead of gathering their data themselves.
3) Every source for layer-2 data (e.g. a NL80211 listener similar to 
your code) does put the data into the database instead of using it 

I see DLEP as a way to mirror this database from a device that is just 
used as an external radio to the database in the routing agent. Just two 
plugins we can use with the common codebase.

So if you want to only use local WLAN interfaces, you just compile a 
"nl80211 listener" plugin into your code and your routing metric.

If you need to access layer-2 data on a remote (ethernet connected) 
device, you add a "DLEP-receiver" (also called DLEP-router/server) to 
your OLSRd, while you run a small "plugin runtime" with the 
NL80211-Listener and a "DLEP-transmitter" on the radio device.

This way it will make no difference for our routing metrics and txtinfo 
plugins where the metric data is coming from.


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