[Olsr-dev] SmartGatewayThreshold parameter

Teco Boot (spam-protected)
Wed Jan 11 14:56:21 CET 2012

I tested SmartGatewayThreshold parameter. Few comments:

 - Default "no switchover when far, far better gateway is in place" is crazy.
   I recommend to set default on sensible value. I use 67, I'm fine with default=50.
   Henning likes the extreme low value 0.
   Take 33?

 - Default value 0 doesn't work. After first setup&teardown, it sticks to:
   Table: Gateways
   Status  Gateway IP      ETX     Hopcnt  Uplink  Downlnk IPv4    IPv6    Prefix
   u-  1.000   1       120     1000    ipv4(n) -       - 
   Quick fix: allow only values between 1 and 99.

 - This parameter is in percentage. Other parameters are in form fixed point,
   scaling factor 1, e.g. 0.50 for 50%. 
   Leave as it is?


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