[Olsr-dev] no interfaces detected / 0.6.2 / arch: atheros

Ferry Huberts (spam-protected)
Wed Jan 4 17:44:10 CET 2012

On 04-01-12 16:55, Jo-Philipp Wich wrote:
> [and again to the list, sorry Bastian]
> I wonder what magic patches you're talking about?
> The two patches listed here hardly seem to be related to iface handling:
> https://dev.openwrt.org/browser/packages/net/olsrd/patches
> We switched to almost-vanilla OLSR a while ago and Saverio is tracking
> upstream somewhat closely afaik.

why haven't these patches been sent upstream? I didn't see them.
I don't agree with the implementation of patch '100', but that's another 

and Bastian, stop breaking the thread if you want people to follow the 
discussion and actually help you...

Ferry Huberts

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