[Olsr-dev] New OLSRd Plugin (derivative of olsrd_secure)

Will Hawkins (spam-protected)
Fri Dec 21 17:54:57 CET 2012

On 12/21/2012 07:51 AM, Saverio Proto wrote:
> Hello,
> do you have your git branch published somewhere on the web  ?

No, but I could easily make that happen. You could just pull from that
to review the code then, right?


> Saverio
> 2012/12/20 Will Hawkins <(spam-protected)>:
>> Hello everyone!
>> The Open Technology Institute has created a new plugin for OLSRd known
>> as olsrd_mdp (Mesh Datagram Protocol [MDP] Secure OLSR). The plugin
>> integrates OLSRd with Serval to create a mechanism for signing OLSR
>> packets with a shared private key stored in a Serval keyring. This
>> plugin is a derivative of the olsrd_secure plugin.
>> Serval is a mesh networking project out of Australia
>> (http://www.servalproject.org). One of their main products, serval-dna,
>> includes a keyring that stores (and optionally locks) a set of
>> public/private keypairs. olsrd_mdp takes a private key from Serval's key
>> ring and uses it to sign OLSR packets.
>> It differs from olsrd_secure in a few ways:
>> 1. olsrd_mdp is configured with a key identifier. The key identifier
>> allows the user to specify which keypair from the Serval keyring will
>> sign packets.
>> 2. olsrd_mdp allows for variable-length keys.
>> 3. olsrd_mdp salts AND signs OLSR packets with a private key.
>> We would really like to share this plugin with the OLSRd community. We
>> developed the plugin in a branch off of master but the plugin requires
>> Serval's serval-dna development kit to compile. This brings up two
>> questions:
>> 1. How do plugin makefiles alert the user that they need configuration
>> to compile correctly? The necessary parameter is documented in the
>> olsrd_mdp README file. Is there another better way to document this?
>> 2. What is the best way to submit the plugin for review for possible
>> inclusion? I did my best to follow OLSRd code standards while
>> developing, but I'd appreciate your feedback in spotting the places
>> where I inevitably messed up.
>> Thanks for reading this rather long message. We are really excited about
>> the possibility of sharing this plugin with the OLSRd community.
>> Talk to you soon!
>> Will
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