[Olsr-dev] Repository conversion finished

Henning Rogge (spam-protected)
Wed Aug 15 18:15:55 CEST 2012


the repository conversion is done... what does this mean?

1.) Commits MUST go to the master branch in the future. Thats were we
collect fixes and new stuff.

2.) Every times we begin a new release, we create a release branch
called "release-x.y.z" which will get ONLY commits to fix stuff. All
commits done in a release branch MUST also be done in master branch
(to fix the same bug there), most likely by cherry-picking.

3.) I also created the release-0.6.4 branch... so we can begin stabilizing.

What shall a developer do (someone with a git repository) ?

a) change to the master branch with "git checkout master"
b) pull changes to get the content of the most recent commit (which is
based on the old stable branch!) with "git pull"
c) remove your local stable branch with "git branch -D stable"

What is still to be done:

a) check if the OpenWRT makefile in the repository contains a
reference to "stable" and change it to "master".
b) stabilize 0.6.4 and release it.


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