[Olsr-dev] Multi-Topology Routing for OLSR

Daniel Nitzpon (spam-protected)
Mon Aug 6 18:15:03 CEST 2012


Depends a bit on what you want to use it for (can't really figure out a 
plausible non-research scenario atm).
You're certainly aware of the quick and dirty version to just run one 
olsrd per sub-topology in parallel on each device, I suppose?


Am 06.08.2012 17:46, schrieb jpo:
> Hello all,
> I already brought this topic up in the OLSR-Users list, but I think the development list is a more appropriate venue.
> Basically what I'm interested in is what RFC 4915 provides for OSPF: a way to define topologies as subsets of the "physical" topology and calculate independent routing tables for each of these subset topologies.
> Using the policy based routing tool chest would allow the selection of the routing table and those the topology for packets based on configurable markers.
> Questions:
> Is there somebody besides me interested in this?
> Are you aware of an existing implementation (not necessarily in olsr.org)?
> What needs to be done in olsrd to make this reality?
> Here are my thoughts:HELLO, TC and probably MID need changes to carry the topology-id with the link information.
> The internal link state databases need to be extended.
> SPF calculation has to be done for each known topology.
> Anything I'm missing?
> Thanks in advance and kind regards
>    Joerg

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