[Olsr-dev] Txtinfo plugin position table

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Sun Oct 30 19:18:02 CET 2011


I would like to argue the case for adding an optional node lat/lon/elv
position table to the txtinfo plugin output. The short term benefit is
providing an easier way to map network topology. The long term benefit
is having OLSR better prepared to handle mobile phone based networks.

Txtinfo plugins configured with the following 'geofix' param:

	PlParam "geofix" "0.0, 0.0, 0.0"

	Would serve append a 'Position' table to their current reply:
	Table: Position
	IP	lat	lon	elv	AV	0.0	0.0	0.0	0.0

Field meaning is obvious, except for AV (adjusted velocity) which is
measurement of the position's likelihood/ability to change, though not
exactly velocity or acceleration. This is intended to help tell apart
mobile/static nodes. Initially this field would be fixed at 0.0 (i.e
static node), but I suggest to reserve it for future use. Once an
algorithm is available to asses position variation we could start using
this value or add others position related fields.

The benefits of such an addition would be numerous:

	- straight forward way to map network topology by aggregating
	  the geofix data from multiple txtinfo enabled nodes.
	- act as a non-traffic-generating alternative to the
	  nameserver plugin.
	- negligible size addition to already long txtinfo messages.
	- optional, backwards compatible: served only by configured
	- avoid the need to run gpsd or similar solutions on each
	  node whose position is of interest.
	- (future) allow adjusted position data polling
	  according to the AV value.

Also, should olsrd become more location aware, this table could
be expanded to include other nodes whose position is known,
which in my opinion is a good way to prepare for mesh networks
composed of mostly mobile phone nodes.

If this suggestion wins the support of OLSR developers
I can go ahead and implement it.


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