[Olsr-dev] Student Introduction

ambarisha b (spam-protected)
Thu Mar 17 14:19:50 CET 2011


My name is Ambarisha.Presently , I am doing my engineering degree in
Computer Sciences.I am very much interested in working on olsrd under
freifunk in GSoC 2011.I have been studying the OLSR protocol
documented in RFC 3626.I have a clear idea of the core functionality
now.I am studying the auxiliary functionality recommended by the
protocol.I have got the source code for olsrd.I am trying to pick out
simple bugs to try my hand.

I have checked out the project ideas that have been posted on the
freifunk ideas page.I liked the "SNMP plugin to OLSR" very much
because I am passionate about Socket programming.I have good
experience with SNMP protocol.After studying the OLSR RFC, the project
for "making the MPR algorithm work in the stable release" also appeals
to me.I also have a decent understanding of the dijkstra algorithm.I
was hoping if I could get any further technical details to help me
decide , so that I can start a thorough study of the problem and be
able to write a technically strong proposal.What should be my major
concerns with each of these projects?


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