[Olsr-dev] 100% System load & select() error on Windows

math (spam-protected)
Wed Mar 16 17:08:58 CET 2011

Hi all

I commented out olsr_create_lock_file() (lines 129-143 main.c) to be  
able to run olsrd.
-> The windows version works now but with an 100% system load and it  
continuously throws me the same error all over the console screen:
"select error: Result too large"

The error is thrown by the function handle_fds() in the file scheduler.c
The problem is that all three select values provided to the select  
statements are NULL.
means IP_IMM_READ && IP_IMM_WRITE are not set

Any Idea how to fix this error?
And how to fix that System load?

- I tested on Windows XP & Windows 7
- tested olsrd-6.0 and 6.1 - and even older versions have the ipv4  
lock problem though

Thanks a lot for your ideas
Best Math

I had to enter the following lines at the end of olsr_scheduler() to  
be able to terminate the program with ctrl-c.
#if defined WIN32
       if (olsr_win32_end_request) break;

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