[Olsr-dev] Bug Secure Plugin - Endianness ?

Markus Kittenberger (spam-protected)
Sat Jun 25 13:37:44 CEST 2011

On Sat, Jun 25, 2011 at 6:58 AM, Rusty Haddock <(spam-protected)> wrote:

> Hi!
>     I'm new to this mailing list but I've been one of developers with
> the Ham Radio HSMM-MESH project down in Austin, TX for two yearas now.
> My apologies if I'm acting like a newbie :-) but I need a little guidance
> with the project's "rules".
>     I have been through the secure plugin code and have fixed the endian
> issues with it.  Seems the timestamps were not getting sent in network
> byte order and challenge responses were confirmed with the host byte order
> of the challenge, not the network byte order.
>     It appears that dlweeks posted this as a bug (#000020) for version
> 0.6.0
> last month (May).  I have attached my version of olsrd_secure.c to the bug
> report for lack of knowing any better.
>     The code has been running on my personal mesh of 6 nodes for about 3
> weeks.
> Most of my mesh is composed of WRT54G's although it has been running on
> one or
> two little Atheros-based nodes as well as my x86 laptop.
>     Please advise as to the correct procedure for incorporating my
> adjustments.
> Thanks!

git commit

git push,..

(if the answer to hennigs question is yes,..)


p.s. yes we really have a git repository with "public" write access (-;
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