[Olsr-dev] Bug Secure Plugin - Endianness ?

Rusty Haddock (spam-protected)
Sat Jun 25 06:58:46 CEST 2011


    I'm new to this mailing list but I've been one of developers with
the Ham Radio HSMM-MESH project down in Austin, TX for two yearas now.
My apologies if I'm acting like a newbie :-) but I need a little guidance
with the project's "rules".

    I have been through the secure plugin code and have fixed the endian
issues with it.  Seems the timestamps were not getting sent in network
byte order and challenge responses were confirmed with the host byte order
of the challenge, not the network byte order.

    It appears that dlweeks posted this as a bug (#000020) for version 0.6.0
last month (May).  I have attached my version of olsrd_secure.c to the bug
report for lack of knowing any better.

    The code has been running on my personal mesh of 6 nodes for about 3
Most of my mesh is composed of WRT54G's although it has been running on one
two little Atheros-based nodes as well as my x86 laptop.

    Please advise as to the correct procedure for incorporating my

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