[Olsr-dev] Possible to fix errors in git repo?

Ferry Huberts (spam-protected)
Wed Jun 15 10:45:14 CEST 2011

On 06/15/2011 10:19 AM, Henning Rogge wrote:
> On Wed June 15 2011 09:34:35 Ferry Huberts wrote:
>> any pushes to the new repo must be rebased on the new repo.
>> this is trivial but must be enforced to prevent the old tree getting
>> back into the repo.
> I have been not able to reproduce this... even with a "git rebase"  before the 
> push back into the main repository, the bad commits are again uploaded.
> Can you tell what kind of steps you are suggesting ?

you'll want to do a git rebase -i and then remove all commits of the old
tree that are not in your branch that you want to rebase: all commit
sha's are different so removing the old commits is needed: you have to
look up the common ancestor yourself.


a-b-c-d-e-f (master)
      u-v-w (your branch)


git checkout your branch
git rebase -i m

you'll (probably) get a list like:

and you'll have to remove a-b-c
finally you can push your branch into the repo

yes, your local repo will still have the old tree, but the remote repo
will not


> The other problem I see is that we have no way to enforce this on the client 
> side. So even if we do it correctly, it takes a single push from an old 
> repository to get back the old commits, right ?

it's also quiet difficult to enforce on the server side. the easiest way
is to disable write access to the repo except for a few select people
who become integrators and manually enforce this until everyone is aware.

I personally think it's a mistake to give everybody write access.
It's much better for quality and control to have few people with commit
access. However, I'm new to the project, just my 2 cents :-)

> Henning Rogge

Ferry Huberts

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