[Olsr-dev] Bug#612277: RFA: olsrd: optimized link-state routing daemon (unik-olsrd)

Holger Levsen (spam-protected)
Mon Feb 7 12:26:02 CET 2011

package: wnpp
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now that Squeeze has been released, lets get olsrd back into Debian! (First 
into sid aka unstable, then let it migrate to wheezy (which happens after ten 
days in sid without serious bugs) and once it's there, we can prepare an 
upload to squeeze-backports.)

I'm happy to help with that. Actually, I _prefer_ to _help_ with that and 
someone else takes over maintainance. (I'm a DD and can sponsor uploads.)
Anybody can maintain a package in Debian - you don't need to be a DD nor a DM. 
Some experience with maintaining software is needed though ;) Contact me if 
you are interested in helping out.
(RFA is Debian lingo for "request for adoption".)

So much for the rather non technical side of this.

Now for the technical points: I've cloned the git master branch and I see the 
deb.patch in there. And then I forgot how this should work... Henning, can 
you please enlighten me? :) Thanks already :)

(Context for those not aware: in the past the Debian package was build using 
the released olsrd tarball and a debian-directory in svn on svn.debian.org. 
At the end of 2000 Henning then made some changes so that its possible now to 
build Debian packages directly from the git repo. This probably needs to be 
polished a bit but should be the future way to maintain it.)

AIUI :-)

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