[Olsr-dev] Announce HNA, but also receive next

Bastian Bittorf (spam-protected)
Fri Oct 29 08:51:04 CEST 2010

> I am not sure I understand what you want to say... If you announce
> a 0/0, 
> there should be no route for a 0/0 towards another OLSRd node.

IMHO there should be at least one another router with metric greater 0, like it was in older versions. We need this for manually optimizing our mesh, to pull the traffic to specific backbone-nodes.



the Setup is much more complicated, but you can see,
that all traffic would go to node1, but never through node3,
because we have a perfect 5ghz-link with cost 1.000, but
OLSR calculates it as bad (one more hop).

We want to announce 0/0 on every node, that is connected
to the backbone. (but has no own internet-connectivity,
only through OLSR/mesh)

bye, Bastian.

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