[Olsr-dev] [Olsr-users] OLSRd release 0.6.1

Holger Levsen (spam-protected)
Sun Nov 28 15:53:33 CET 2010

Hi Henning, hi *,

On Sonntag, 28. November 2010, Henning Rogge wrote:
> I tried to contact Holger Levsen for 0.6.0 too, but without much success. I
> think I will write a mail to a general debian mailing list next week, it's
> really a shame that Debian (even testing and unstable) are still on
> 0.5.6.r7 

I agree and I'm sorry for this. I was too busy with other stuff when the 
freeze came and couldnt give olsrd the love it deserves. 

Sadly the diff from the version in squeeze to 0.6.1 (and even 0.6 and 0.5.6r8) 
is very probably too big to get accepted by the release team, so that I 
havent even tried. 

My plan is to upload olsrd to squeeze-backports as soon as possible. And thats 
also why I want squeeze to be released with olsrd (0.5.6.r7), to have a 
upgrade path.

Help maintaining olsrd in Debian is certainly welcome - I'm also happy to help 
get someone started.

> AND are saying in the desription that OLSRd is still an 
> experimental protocol, so you should not run it without debug output in the
> console.

A bug report about this would have been appreciated.

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