[Olsr-dev] olsrd dynamic hna

Gioacchino Mazzurco (spam-protected)
Sun Jun 27 09:13:27 CEST 2010

but is not simpler to have a list of enabled ipaddress like txt info plugin

2010/6/27 Jonathan P. Chapman <(spam-protected)>

>  Hi!
> Am 26.06.2010 23:03, schrieb Gioacchino Mazzurco:
> > In  our network in Pisa we need an olsrd plugin that permit
> > adding/removing hna at runtime without restart olsrd nor writing on
> > olsrd.conf, at moment we thinked a very basic way, write
> I am currently working on a plugin and had a roughly similar problem
> (wanting to turn something on/off at runtime). The solution I chose only
> makes sense under some very specific circumstances, so it is very likely
> that it is not feasible in your environment.
> I registered a parser for a new message type and wrote a very simple
> parser and a client application. The client sends sends a static OLSRd
> packet with such a message to a given broadcast address. You should not
> forward the message (parser returns false) and set the TTL to 1, so the
> setting does not propagate throughout your network (unless you want that
> ;-). Also,  the message must be multiples of 32 bits and the sender's IP
> address must be different from any olsrd interface's, otherwise olsrd
> will just drop it (guess how long it took to find out about these things
> ;-), so you will also need to spoof the sender's address, for this to work.
> Well, pretty obviously, anybody who can send a packet to your node will
> be able to toggle the feature which might not be a good idea. I used to
> above only for testing in a well controlled environment and would not
> recommend for anything other than that. If you like the idea but don't
> have such an environment, you could maybe add a shared secret +
> challenge/response mechanism or so, but obviously the whole matter
> becomes much more complex in that case.
> Best regards!
> Jonathan
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