[Olsr-dev] adding latitude/longitude to txtinfo plugin

Sven-Ola Tücke (spam-protected)
Thu Jun 10 18:17:19 CEST 2010


to add 2 cents here also: the JS file is a pipe. You force olsrd to write to 
the pipe by reading it from external program. If you need to cache, just "cat 
/tmp/latlon.js > /tmp/latlon.cached". Note: write start is non-blocking, but 
continuous write is blocking. Means: if you stop reading somewhere in the 
middle (and do not close) olsrd will block too.

For GPS devices, there's an extra file which hold the coords. Just in case 
someone want to change pos without restarting olsrd. When adding stuff to the 
nameservice, please keep it kompat or fork.

// Sven-Ola

Am Donnerstag, 10. Juni 2010, um 01:34:31 schrieb Mitar:
> OK. I thought that it would be a problem linking nameservice and
> txtinfo plugin. So we will have to parse JS file manually. Is there a
> way to force JS file write (so that we would say to nameservice plugin
> to write down to JS file all coordinates and then we would read that
> file)? Or is there a better way to retrieve coordinates of other
> nodes?
> One other thing Charles mentioned. Would it be possible to add another
> parameter to lat/long pair? Namely precision. Sometimes (especially in
> mobile devices) GPS coordinate is not always available, but some good
> approximation is. And mostly you know how approximate this
> approximation is. So adding this parameter would benefit precision of
> collected data for later analysis.
> Mitar

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