[Olsr-dev] olsr 0.5.6-r8 ipv6 multicast

Alina Friedrichsen (spam-protected)
Thu Feb 11 23:06:31 CET 2010

> but we might have to take care on 2.4, as there neighbourood discovery
> seems to be too broken (i just made an short test on whiterussian with
> kmod-ipv6), so here the neighbours might still need to insert routes
> to each other (even with linklocals)

Do you have tried "ping -I eth0 fe80::x" instead of "ping -I fe80::x"?
First should normally never work. It's the nature of link-local
addresses that you must specify the interface with each address. On 2.6
you get an "Invalid argument" errno if not.


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