[Olsr-dev] Planned efforts on plugins

Erik Tromp (spam-protected)
Sun Feb 7 18:38:41 CET 2010

> I know, but the mutex is no sollution at this place.

Well... in fact it is a solution. Maybe you don't like it, but that is
another issue.

> We are thinking about copying the scheduler from the master branch.

Keep in mind, though, that moving towards a single-threaded solution does
not eliminate the possibility of the OLSR main process getting blocked by
one of the plug-ins. The registered plug-in function may, after being
called, never return (or return only after a very long time).

In fact, switching from a multi-thread solution towards a single-threaded
solution is to some extent the same as exchanging the OS-scheduler for the

Windows 3.1 used so-called co-operative multitasking. There was only one
thread, issued by the OS. Applications registered with the OS their
functions to be called. Those functions had to return quickly otherwise the
OS would hang. We've come a long way since then.


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