[Olsr-dev] Client Roaming Plugin (Raphael)

marc fawzi (spam-protected)
Wed Feb 3 18:39:58 CET 2010

hey Bastian,

I had been talking to Raphael and Markus about the potential for using
Raphael's plugin for voip roaming across olsr-based wifi accesspoints.
Raphael was able to get Skype working in a limited 2-router setup using his
approach but they're both doubtful that it would work in a larger

If I was still working for a VoIP carrier I would have been able to pick
someone's brain over there and get some answers, but I'm working on this as
a hobby with potential for business realization in 5-10 years of a solution
that would make wireless carriers "optional" in areas with lots of wifi
accesspoints like downtown Seattle.

I could probably look into commercial mesh solutions that already handle
voip roaming but what's the fun in that? If the mesh costs a ton of money to
deploy then it's not really a hobby anymore.

I was wondering if you could share more about your "openVPN bridges"
approach and how you're using olsr in this context, and also if you've tried
voip roaming with it in a setup larger than 2 accesspoints and one client.

That would be very helpful.



On Sun, Jan 31, 2010 at 5:05 AM, Bastian Bittorf <(spam-protected)>wrote:

> > Source is available at http://github.com/ralisi/olsrd_cl_roam
> please cleanup your README, to encourage us.
> Very interesting plugin.
> ATM we have similar function, but another approach: openVPN bridges.
> Which wifi/SIP-phones you wan't to use?
> bye, Bastian
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