[Olsr-dev] BMF in 0.5.6-R8

ZioPRoTo (Saverio Proto) (spam-protected)
Wed Feb 3 12:34:07 CET 2010

> I need a tool for P2P peer discovery (e.g. MS Groove DPP).
> Alternatives for BMF?

If your p2p discovery relies on mDNS you can use the mDNS plugin.

If it instead relies on signalling on another UDP port you can easily
patch the mDNS plugin to transport other protocols instead of only
mDNS. Basically the mDNS plugin captures multicast packets on UDP 5353
to forward them to the all mesh network... so if you patch to include
also another UDP port (or maybe you make a patch to include some more
udp ports in the configuration) than you did the trick.

mDNS is now very stable, we are using it since several months without problems.

Just use the mDNS plugin to carry signalling protocol data and NOT
ACTUAL DATA. The information is embedded in the OLSR signalling so you
may kill the network using that plugin carrying for example multimedia

If you need something that carries actual data (like bmf) then look at
the OBAMP plugin (unstable repository). It works we tested it at Ninux
Day. How ever there is a bug and sometimes the distribution tree has a
loop... I never had time yet to find the actual bug.

For both plugin I wrote documentation in the readme file, or just ask
me on this mailing list.


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