[Olsr-dev] BMF in 0.5.6-R8

Teco Boot (spam-protected)
Wed Feb 3 12:13:07 CET 2010

I've seen problems with BMF in 0.5.6-R8.

Feb  1 23:21:20 olsr-rt01 vmunix: [27094.364285] olsrd[5363]: segfault at
1a8 ip b7e46578 sp bfb79bb0 error 4 in olsrd_bmf.so.1.5.3[b7e42000+9000]

I upgraded to bmf.1.6.2. This works better.
This plugin needs a patch on main.c, scheduler.c and
scheduler.h, for the in bmf 1.6.1 introduced mutex.
I assume Erik Tromp had good reasons for the mutex.
Is it a problem updating olsrd base code for it?

There are some warnings during compile of bmf.
I'll come back on this later.

I need a tool for P2P peer discovery (e.g. MS Groove DPP).
Alternatives for BMF?

Regards, Teco

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