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Reuben K. Caron (spam-protected)
Tue Aug 24 19:30:41 CEST 2010

Hi List,

It looks like I am subscribed! If anyone wants to follow the thread  
you can find the thread here. We'd love to hear any feedback.




On Aug 24, 2010, at 1:25 PM, L. Aaron Kaplan wrote:

> Hi!
> Reuben asked me to forward this to the olsr list.
> Maybe OLPC gets a fresh start with mesh + OLSR. Who knows...
> Begin forwarded message:
>> From: "Reuben K. Caron" <(spam-protected)>
>> Date: August 24, 2010 4:13:14 PM GMT+02:00
>> To: OLPC Devel <(spam-protected)>, (spam-protected)
>> Cc: "L. Aaron Kaplan" <(spam-protected)>
>> Subject: "Mesh" Dreams = OLSR
>> Where Mesh != 802.11s but rather an adhoc, self healing, self  
>> organizing routable network.
>> Imagine a world where Sugar on a Stick machines can communicate on  
>> the same network as an XO laptop. A world where mesh capabilities  
>> are hardware agnostic allowing anyone to bring up a mesh network by  
>> booting a live cd.
>> Imagine a school full of XOs where some are connected to Adhoc  
>> Channel 1, some to Channel 6, and some to Channel 11. Now think of  
>> an XO that has two USB Wireless Adapters each connected  
>> respectively to one of those channels. This central XO also has a  
>> third USB ethernet dongle or a 3G wireless modem attached to it.  
>> Consider how this simple setup could provide Internet to everyone  
>> in the school. Consider the ability to actually create "Mesh Portal  
>> Points," that allow one connection to provide an Internet  
>> connection to many hops down the line.
>> Consider the benefits of using open source software versus our  
>> closed source firmware and partnering with communities like  
>> Freifunk whose network is ~ 800 node, guifi.net is almost 10k nodes  
>> in Barcelona, Athens Wireless is 5k nodes.
>> These things are all almost immediately possible by using OLSRd  
>> software. Over the past few months, I have tested and built small  
>> networks around my neighborhood to consider the feasibility of such  
>> software. Now I realize there is a difference between small and  
>> large networks but I think it is something we should consider.
>> As I have said, please *consider * all of these things with a fresh  
>> perspective and try to forget about the prior mesh battles.
>> Let's think of solutions that will actually make this work.  Some  
>> things to consider from Aaron Kaplan, a member of the OLSR  
>> community, cc'd here:
>> "How to scale networks?
>> -The key is to have multiple channels, smart channel selection/ 
>> assignment, automatic txpower control and low interference between  
>> nodes!
>> -In a sense, it is funny but true: the quieter the devices become,  
>> the better everybody can "hear" his mesh partner.
>> -Summary: layer 2 is king for scalability , only then do you need  
>> to look at layer 3 optimizations (and with OLSR.org we already took  
>> care of that part"
>> I hope that we can come together to re-group and re-think how we  
>> OLPC and SugarLabs do connectivity and utilize the open  
>> opportunities available to create such solutions.
>> Regards,
>> Reuben
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