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Mon Aug 23 14:34:13 CEST 2010


First....a big thanks to all the olsr devs :) Thanks to you guys my friend
Erle and I (devs @ eBrain) can bring to life an idea we've been toying with
for ages - eBrainPool.

What we've been working on is a mechanism to share software and computing
power seamlessly. We want to pool in all the software available with anyone
over a mesh or standard network and have it run on any device in that pool
regardless of native platform or hardware dependencies. Therefore, I can
play a game on my Nokia N900 that someone in the mesh has on their laptop
and would need Nvidia graphics. Or a bunch of us could club software on all
our BSD,Linux,Solaris machines and have all of that work seamlessly

X Window, SSH and Olsr form huge components of eBrainPool. The plugin
mechanism and overall design of olsr rocks :) and we have a plugin that
helps in broadcasting info about devices with out client.

It's all alpha code so far and we're the first ones to admit that this maybe
a loony idea. We defi are noobs when it comes to olsr and mesh techs so pls
forgive us our naivity :)

It's all GPL code and we're very committed to keeping it all open source. We
would appreciate if you guys could have a look at ebrain.in and point us in
the right direction :)

Jatin Golani (aka jeetu)
Erle Pereira
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