[Olsr-dev] GSoC 2010 - Olsrd questions for Freimap

Pilla Stefano (spam-protected)
Wed Aug 4 23:54:55 CEST 2010


I've some questions for my GSoC project and I'm sure that somebody can
help me,

Question 1)
I need to read the information of the httpinfo plugin like for example
routing table, active plugins, etc... In particular I need something
like a txt file or a xml file so I can parse it and reuse it in my
(I already do this with the dotdrawplugin simply opening a socket to the
2004 port and parsing the output)

It is possibile to do the same thing with the httpinfo plugin?

Question 2 - 3 - 4)

I need to read the lat/lon position from nameservice plugin of a
particular node given by the olsrd topology (dotdraw plugin) so what I
have to do is:

1) check if the nameservice plugin is active (with the httpinfo output)
2) check the path of the latlon.js file (or if changed, the new name and
3) to do step 2 I need to know the position of the olsr.conf file and
parse it
4) read the content of the file generated by nameservice plugin (I
already can do this)

For step 2, there is a way to discover the position of the olsr.conf
file?  If the user change the default value how I can check the new

Do you think that is a good idea (if there is a way to parse httpinfo
data) to generate a config file from httpinfo plugin and read the data
that i need or follow the previous steps?

Thanks in advance.

Stefano Pilla

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