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I'm a phd student of Institute of Acoustics mayor in speech signal
processing. And my banchelor degree
is telecommunications. So I'm very willing to do the MPR algorithms project
for freifunk.

I have read some papers about MPR and the source code of OLSR. I have talked
with Aaron and I'm sure I'm the best candidate to fulfill this task.

OLSR (Optimized Link State Routing) is an optimization of a pure link
state routing protocol. It is based on the concept of multipoint
relays(MPRs). Uing multipoint relays reduces the size of the control
messages, rather than declaring all its links to all the nodes in the

The use of MPRs also minimizes flooding of control traffic.

About Neighborhood discovery

To detect its neighbors with which it has a direct link, each node
periodically broadcasts Hello messages, containing the list of
neighbors known to the node and theri link status(symmetric,
asymmetric, multipoint relay or lost).  The hello messages are

received by all one-hop neighbors, but not forwarded.

MPR selection algorithm is processed in three steps:

1. A node N first selects as MPRs all its neighbors that are

 the only neighbors of a two-hop node form N

It then selects as MOR a neighbor that has the largest count of
uncovered two-hop nodes. This step is repeated until all two-hop nodes
are covered.

Finally, any MPR node N such that the MOR set excluding N covers all
two-hop nodes is discarded

Can anyone give me some suggestions of the project ?

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,

Xiang Wang
Institue Of Acoustics, CAS
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