[Olsr-dev] lq_ff_timer called when using custom LQ plugin

Jonathan P. Chapman (spam-protected)
Fri Apr 9 17:20:59 CEST 2010


As pointed out in "Loading plugin fails, undefined symbol for olsrd
functions" I am working on a link quality plugin for the olsrd. To trace
a segfault, I ran olsrd using valgrind which revealed that the etx_ff
plugin's timer handler had been called (LQ algorithm not set in the
config, the plugin adds its own algorithm and then switches the
lq_handler to itself in the LQ-Plugins init function):

==1499== Invalid read of size 1
==1499==    at 0x805AB4C: default_lq_ff_timer (lq_plugin_default_ff.c:230)
==1499==    by 0x8069C00: olsr_walk_timers (scheduler.c:457)
==1499==    by 0x806A514: olsr_scheduler (scheduler.c:228)
==1499==    by 0x805D64D: main (main.c:513)

While I cannot set the LQ algorithm to use in the config file (it will
report "unknown lq_handler"), setting the LQ algorithm to etx_float or
etx_fpm appears to solve this issue, i.e. only my own plugin's functions
appear to be called (olsrd crashes quite fast, still, when using the
plugin, so I do not want to be too optimistic ;-).

Shouldn't, however, the FF-timer be stopped when switching to another
How could I stop it "manually", i.e. ensure that the ff timer is not
running other than by telling users to set the LQ algoritm setting to
etx_fpm or so?

Thanks and best regards :-)


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