[Olsr-dev] SIGSEGV on G1/android

Sascha Alexander Jopen (spam-protected)
Tue Oct 13 19:29:11 CEST 2009


i'm trying to build and run olsrd-0.5.6-r6 on my G1. Besides three 
different compiler warnings on nearly all source files the binary can be 
build successfully. But i can not run the application on the G1. It 
crashes with SIGSEGV immediately.

I have attached a strace of running olsrd on the G1. The strace 
suggests, that the failure occurs at process initialization, just before 
the actual olsrd code is run.  I'm not sure, if this is a problem of the 
runtime environment on  my phone or if it is a compile time issue. I 
don't know how i could debug the application when running on the G1.

Maybe someone could help me get olsrd running on android.
A precompiled binary which is known to work would be nice. So i could 
check if it's the phone, which is causing the troubles.

Thanks in advance,
Sascha Jopen

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