[Olsr-dev] OLSRD 0.5.6-r6 released

Henning Rogge (spam-protected)
Wed Oct 7 11:14:14 CEST 2009


after long months of waiting and small bugfixes we just released the 0.5.6-r6 
version. The mayor points of the release are:
- support for Google Android
- support for Debian/FreeBSD
- fixes for httpinfo, txtinfo and dotdraw plugin to prevent them blocking in 
case of timed out outgoing connections

You will find the new release in our stable repository at

We will upload the tarballs to our website this evening.


Full changelog for 0.5.6-r6:

Markus Kittenberg
- more RT-Netlink cleanups and fixes
- backport of timejump patch from TIP
- Add detection for vanishing interfaces to Linux netlink code

Sebastian Harl:
- add LISTEN parameter for httpinfo/txtinfo/dotdraw

Henning Rogge:
- convert httpinfo/txtinfo/dotdraw to nonblocking and autobuf to
  prevent blocking outgoing connections
- fix some bugs with lq-mult
- fix bug in duplicate set sequencenumber handling
- add Debian/KFreeBSD support (Thanks to Holger Levsen and friends for help)
John Hay:
- fixes for 64 Bit FreeBSD
- fixes for NetBSD

- add makefile support for google android
- fix default olsrd.conf examples

Felix (OpenWRT NBD):
- fix bison problem for OpenWRT
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